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Placement of Electrical Outlets and Switches

GFCI InstallationRemember Outlets When You Remodel

You might be considering repainting interior rooms or completing some other small remodeling projects over the winter months. If your remodeling involves installing drywall or repairing your walls,  now is the time to consider the electrical outlets and switches in the room. Do you need additional outlets to plug in electronic devices or other appliances? Or maybe you have a light switch located outside of a room that no one can ever find in the dark. Continue reading

Create an Emergency Plan for Your Family

home emergency kitPrepare for Fire, Flood and Other Disasters

It’s the season of wood burning fires and string upon string of electric lights, so having working smoke detectors in your home is a good place to start when it comes to protecting your family in an emergency. But you should be prepared for more than just an accidental fire. Severe winter storms, flooding, or other emergencies could force you to either evacuate or remain in your home, possibly without power. Experts recommend that you and your family members come up with a plan to be prepared for any number of emergency scenarios. Continue reading

Check Smoke Detectors for Fire Safety

smoke-detectorDaylight Savings Time Tradition

We’ve made the transition from Daylight Savings Time, and along with adjusting your clocks one hour earlier on Sunday morning, did you check your smoke detectors? The National Fire Protection Association reports that three out of every five home fire deaths are caused by fires in houses where there are no smoke alarms or no working smoke alarms. As we head into a season where many of us burn candles and use wood-burning fireplaces and space heaters, it becomes extremely important to have smoke detectors that will alert your family in the event of a house fire. Continue reading

Dimmer Switches Make Mornings Brighter…Or Dimmer

Dimmer switch installationTips For Safe DIY Installation

It’s the end of summer.  The kids are all back to school. Some of us are looking forward to hoodies, jeans, boots, turning leaves, and pumpkin spice. But along with all of those wonderfully comforting things come dark mornings, short days, and blustery winds.  A bleary-eyed mom or dad gets out of bed at 6:00 AM to get a cup of coffee and enjoy a few minutes of quiet before it is time to wake the kids for school.  The parent reaches out to turn on the kitchen light and, BAM!  The light is so bright that they have to cover their eyes to make it to the coffee machine!  It’s times like these when we all wish for dimmer switches. Continue reading

You Can Have Power Over Power Surges


Protect More Than Just Your Computer

We all use surge protection strips.  We plug our computers and equipment into them.  We plug our televisions into them.  We protect our electronics, game consoles, and music equipment.  How many of us think about our refrigerators and dishwashers though?  Or what about the furnace, or the air conditioner?  How would you feel, besides sweaty, if on one of these humid, stormy, ninety-degree days, the lightning causes a power surge and your air conditioning stops working?  Surge protection is something we think about on a small scale, but let’s widen the lens a little bit. Continue reading