Attic Exhaust Fans

Attic Exhaust Fan Repair, Service & Installation in Pittsburgh

attic_fan_installationAn attic exhaust fan is an electrical or motorized ventilation device that helps to regulate the heat level in an attic or similar space via a thermostat that is designed to turn the fan on or off as needed, allowing the air to be exhausted outside. Once the hot air is exhausted, additional vents are required in order to bring in fresher air. Because their primary function is to draw air through the attic to the outdoors, they are generally used during the warmest months of the year.

Because attic exhaust fans are comprised of metal material, lightning strikes can be a cause of concern if the attic fan is located on a roof. Grounding is important and crucial in the case of attic exhaust fans, and should be properly done. The grounding wire should be attached to the case of the fan via a screw that protrudes from the top, with an additional grounding wire connected directly to the fan motor. As a result of this, the entire attic fan as well as all of its electrical components will be grounded.

In addition to an attic exhaust fan, attic air sealing and insulation is recommended, in order to help save on energy. If you are in need of an attic exhaust fan for renovation or new construction, or whether you are in need of repairs to your current fans, give the experienced team at Hufnagel Electric a call. We employ licensed and highly–trained electricians that are experienced in residential and commercial electrical services.