Bathroom Lighting / Exhaust Fans


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A number of activities can create excess moisture in bathrooms, which only increases with the number of occupants that use it. A bathroom exhaust fan is designed to extract the moisture from your bathroom, protecting any bathroom structures, such as cabinets, doors, carpeting, drywall, etc. from moisture damage and mold resulting from excessive moisture.

It is very important that the exhaust fan in your bathroom be directed outside, not into the attic, as the air extracted from your bathroom is warm and moist. Should this moisture be released into your attic, it can create significant damage to the roofing structure, as well as the joists, walls, ceilings and insulation. Given time, this moisture can lead to mold and bacteria growth, which can be spread into your home throughout your duct systems.

There have been cases where a homeowner discovers that the previous homeowner has installed a bathroom exhaust fan that vents into the attic. The experts at Hufnagel Electric can determine whether your existing fan is properly installed, or update your existing exhaust fan with a new one. Hufnagel Electric can provide through the roof ventilation for your new or existing exhaust fans.

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