EV Charging Station Installation

New owners of a Tesla, Nissan Leaf or other electric vehicles/plug-in hybrids quickly discover that their Level 1 EV charging station leaves much to be desired.

Hufnagel Electric specializes in Level 2 EV charging station installation. With one call to us, we’ll professionally install the station of your choice, exponentially increasing your vehicle’s charging speed.

Benefits of a Level 2 EV Charging Station

As you’ve no doubt realized, the Level 1 EV charging station that came standard with your electric vehicle only charges at a rate of about 5-6 miles per hour, taking nearly an entire day to bring your EV to full charge. With a Level 2 station, you can charge anywhere from three to nearly ten times faster, depending on your vehicle and charging station. For those who put even a moderate amount of miles on their EV, the Level 2 charging station is a must-have.

What’s Required to Install an EV Charging Station in My Home?

After discussing your particular needs and which station suits you best, our experts will go over the placement of your station and any conduits that may be necessary to route power. The main consideration for you is whether you’d like an interior or exterior station.

From there, our electricians will incorporate your new EV charging station into your home’s power grid, providing a circuit breaker and all controls/protections required by federal and state regulations and building codes. Conduits are installed in an organized manner, including any that require burial.

In a matter of hours, your home will be outfitted with a Level 2 EV station designed to provide years of consistent, lightning-fast power to all of your family’s electric vehicles.

Contact Us to learn more about Level 2 EV charging station installation today!

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