Intercom Systems


Intercom System, Buzzer, and Doorbell Installation & Repair in Pittsburgh

As an added layer of security for your home or place of business, Hufnagel Electric can install intercom systems and buzzers to allow you to control who enters your property.

An intercom consists of an interactive communication system that is used in either a single or multiple buildings, that operates independently from the telephone network. The majority of intercom systems have the ability to connect to home phones, cell phones, and, in some cases, door locks and latches. Intercom systems are commonplace in schools, hotels and apartment buildings, primarily because of the security they provide. These types of systems utilize a multi-tone, multi-signal system.

Intercom systems come in both hardwired and wireless varieties. Each can be conveniently connected to an existing wiring system. Let the experts at Hufnagel Electric help you to choose the right intercom and buzzer for your property.  We will answer all of your questions, and our licensed technicians will install your systems to ensure the safety of your home and place of business.