Smoke Detector Installation

Hardwired Smoke Detector Installation

A large number of deaths from house fires can be attributed to the fact that there were no smoke alarms – or no working smoke alarms – in the home. Most local building codes now require new construction to have hardwired smoke detectors. These systems are connected to an electrical circuit and contain 10-year lithium batteries in the event that power is cut off because of a house fire or other emergency. Installation of a hardwired smoke alarm system in an older home can be simple or more complex, depending on the location and condition of the wiring.

The licensed professional electricians at Hufnagel Electric are experts in the installation of hardwired smoke detectors in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. We can guide you to the best system to both protect your family and meet required building codes. Contact us at Hufnagel Electric today. Let us help you live safely and comfortably in your home.