Track Lighting

Brighten Up Your Home or Office With Track & Pendant Lighting

pendant lightingTrack lighting is an excellent way to add lighting to a room, particularly if there are specific areas or objects where direct light is desired. Track lighting consists of a series of adjustable lamps that are mounted along an electrical metal track. This type of lighting allows the user to move or switch light fixtures in order to obtain optimal lighting. The tracks can be mounted flush on support columns or from ceilings and walls.

The electrical track, which supports the actual lights, supplies power all along the length of the track, which makes it possible to direct the lighting heads wherever desired. Track lighting is a flexible, versatile, stylish, and easy to change form of lighting that can be used to focus attention on art, design elements, or other decorative items in the room.

A key advantage of track lighting is that each individual light, known as the track head, is independent of the other, which allows for the ability to spotlight specific areas of the room without the wiring that comes with conventional lighting. It is even possible to select a track head with a built-in dimmer, enabling you to adjust the level of lighting as you desire. Track lighting does not have to be limited to horizontal bars that are rigid. There are a number of designs that feature flexible tracks that can be looped around a specific area, in order to light an entire room or provide lighting to specific areas.

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