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Dimmer Switches Make Mornings Brighter…Or Dimmer

Dimmer switch installationTips For Safe DIY Installation

It’s the end of summer.  The kids are all back to school. Some of us are looking forward to hoodies, jeans, boots, turning leaves, and pumpkin spice. But along with all of those wonderfully comforting things come dark mornings, short days, and blustery winds.  A bleary-eyed mom or dad gets out of bed at 6:00 AM to get a cup of coffee and enjoy a few minutes of quiet before it is time to wake the kids for school.  The parent reaches out to turn on the kitchen light and, BAM!  The light is so bright that they have to cover their eyes to make it to the coffee machine!  It’s times like these when we all wish for dimmer switches. Continue reading

You Can Have Power Over Power Surges


Protect More Than Just Your Computer

We all use surge protection strips.  We plug our computers and equipment into them.  We plug our televisions into them.  We protect our electronics, game consoles, and music equipment.  How many of us think about our refrigerators and dishwashers though?  Or what about the furnace, or the air conditioner?  How would you feel, besides sweaty, if on one of these humid, stormy, ninety-degree days, the lightning causes a power surge and your air conditioning stops working?  Surge protection is something we think about on a small scale, but let’s widen the lens a little bit. Continue reading