Chandelier / Ceiling Fan / Flush Mount Fixtures


chandelier installationChandeliers can be found in a vast array of styles and materials. The most commonly found type is the crystal and glass chandelier, which consists of fine shapes of either glass or crystal that dangle from the arm pieces of the chandelier. The result is a dazzling display of light that is reflected and bounced off of the corners of the room.

It is important that chandeliers be installed carefully and expertly as the weight and size of such fixtures can cause a serious injury should they fall from the ceiling due to poor installation. Hufnagel Electric has the experience to ensure a safe and proper mounting.

Our licensed electrical technicians are qualified to install your chandeliers with expert care. We strive to ensure that all of the work we perform will be up to current chandelier and lighting electrical codes and that you will be completely satisfied with the service as well as the end result.

Flush Mount Fixtures

As well as being an obvious source of light in a room, lighting fixtures can be used to create and contribute to the design and decor of a room.  The right flush mount fixture, properly installed in your ceiling, can give a whole new look and feel to a room.  However, as with chandeliers, proper installation is crucial to the safety of the people who occupy the room.  Hufnagel Electric offers flush mount fixture installation to customers throughout Pittsburgh and the surrounding area. When you hire our certified electricians, you can be sure that we will get the job done according to all the local codes as well as safety standards. Attempting to install any type of electrical equipment or wiring can be dangerous without the help of a licensed professional, particularly if your ceiling isn’t wired for a light fixture. Hufnagel Electric makes your safety and satisfaction our number one priority.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling Fan installationWhy Consider a Ceiling Fan?

There are many benefits to having a ceiling fan in your home. For starters, a professionally installed and serviced ceiling fan can work together with your existing HVAC system to provide additional comfort and convenience. In the summer months, when cooler air lingers at the bottom of the room, a ceiling fan can help to draw the cool air up from the floor and evenly circulate and distribute it throughout the room.   During the winter months, as heat rises in a room, your ceiling fan can help to push the warm air down into the room. This allows for better temperature control, which not only leads to year-round comfort, but greater efficiency as well.

Choosing The Right Ceiling Fan

Choosing the right type of fan as well as the location requires a bit of research. The best choice of room would be the one which requires the most airflow. Because ceiling fans create a column of air which flows directly under the blade, ideal location would be directly above the areas of your home that get the most use. Let the experts at Hufnagel Electric help you decide the most energy efficient location for your ceiling fan.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Hufnagel Electric will guide you each step of the way with our ceiling fan installation service. We can make certain that your fan is professionally installed and that existing fans are installed safely and properly. The key to preventing future problems with any ceiling fan is professional installation, and our licensed and experienced technicians will ensure that your ceiling fan is as safe for your family as possible.