Recessed Lighting

Update Your Home Or Office With Recessed Lighting

recessed lighting installationRecessed lighting consists of the installation of light fixtures into the ceiling in place of a hanging light, creating more space as well as a more streamlined look. Because the fixtures are installed into the ceiling, they increase the amount of light in the room and create a more open feel. They can also be placed at different angles in multiple locations, in order to highlight a particular space.

Recessed lighting has become extremely popular in commercial buildings, where the right lighting can set a particular tone and provide great working light.

An expert electrician is crucial to safe installation of recessed lighting.  Anyone who has ever touched a light buld right after you turn the lamp off knows that lighting fixtures can produce extreme heat.  Housing for recessed lighting is designed specifically to prevent light and subsequent heat from coming into contact with any flammable material. When installing recessed lighting, it is crucial to know whether there are any areas of insulation in or around the space where recessed lighting is desired. The type of recessed lighting that you will need is dependent on whether the house is still in the construction phase, or undergoing a remodel, as well as whether the insulation is in direct contact.

Hufnagel Electric has the tools and the knowledge to safely and efficiently meet your recessed lighting needs. Contact us today to inquire about recessed lighting installation.