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Finding The Best Electrician For Your Home Inspection

Having a qualified electrician perform a home inspection is one of the smartest decisions you can make for your home, not to mention the safety of your family.

Whether you’re building new, buying an older home, working on renovations or additions, or it’s just been a while since a professional has given your house a once-over, home inspections are virtually guaranteed to save you from costly repair bills—and perhaps even a tragic fire—later on down the road.

Types of Electricians

There are generally three classifications of electrician—apprentice, journeyman, and master. Each consecutive level requires an increasing number of years of experience and the successful completion of various written exams.
Pennsylvania, for instance, doesn’t have any statewide licensing requirements as other states do—the requirements depend on your city. For instance, journeyman electricians in Allentown require four years of experience and successful passage of the journeyman exam to receive their journeyman electrician license. Whereas Philadelphia and Pittsburgh offer electrical contractor licenses, which require certification from an electrical wiring school, two years of experience and successful completion of a trade exam.

The main distinction between master and journeyman electricians is that masters are authorized to design entire electrical systems—ideal if you’re building a new home or working on an addition. For all other types of home inspections, journeyman electricians can conduct them with the same level of expertise.

How to Choose an Electrician

As with most things, a little bit of homework goes a long way. Ask to see their license and proof of insurance, and make sure both are current. If they give you the run-around about these two vital documents, you have your answer—find someone else.

Online reviews can also help you decide, provided they’re authentic. But old-school is often still the best way to go—word-of-mouth remains one of the most effective ways to find what you need. Talk to an electrician’s previous customers and ask them about their experience. If they’re happy with the work and had a good rapport, your search may be over. And when in doubt, get a referral from someone you trust. With a little digging and a few good questions, finding the best electrician for your home inspection won’t take you long at all.

Circuit Breaker Repair Services

Circuit Breaker Services

Your electrical system is a vital component to your daily routine. From the moment you wake up to turn on the lights and begin your day, to the minute you turn them off to go to bed, your electrical system provides the power that makes all things electronic possible. With so many of your household items relying on your electrical system to power it, it is crucial to have a good working circuit breaker in place.

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When Should I Consider Getting an Electrical Safety Inspection?

Electrical Safety Inspection

Many of the electrical items in your home, such as buying surge protectors and choosing light bulbs, are usually do-it-yourself projects. However, for more complicated electrical issues, there are likely to be safety hazards. For instance, some homes (especially older homes with mature electrical systems) have overloaded circuits, which can cause a fire if not corrected. Sometimes, homeowners will try to make up for a small number of outlets by using too many electrical cords or misusing electrical devices. This can lead to a house fire.

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