When Do You Need an Electrical Inspection?

Electrical safety inspectionOwning a home is a big achievement, especially today with the rising cost of living. Whether you are new to home ownership, or have been on the property ladder for decades, you will most likely feel a mixture of two key things – love for your home, and a sense of responsibility.

Having an electrical inspection is one of those “responsibility’” things that might not appeal to you at first. But if you look at not only the importance of these checks, but the peace of mind they bring and even the money they can save you in the long term, you will no doubt be welcoming your next inspection with open arms.

What is an Electrical Inspection?

Since all electrical installations become worn with age, an inspection is a test carried out around your home to check for faults, weaknesses and any areas of risk. This gives you the opportunity to get small problems repaired before they become big problems.

You could compare it to getting a dental check up and having a little cavity filled before the tiny hole starts to grow. It’s really just a part of maintaining a happy and safe home.

When Do You Need an Electrical Inspection?

Buying a New Home

This is the most common reason that people book electrical inspections. When you are investing in a new home, you want to make sure that it is a safe place for your family to live.

This is not just testing if the wiring has worn with age. It is also essential to make sure that previous owners or tenants haven’t carried out any unregulated ‘home repairs’ that could be dangerous.

Maintaining an Older Home

Properties built over 40 years ago should be inspected, and this is not just to check for wear and tear. Older homes were built to suit the needs of their time, but our use of tech and home appliances has changed a great deal in 40 years. So it really is worthwhile to make sure that your wiring can cope with your household’s demands.

If you find that running two or three appliances at once is causing your fuses to trip, then this is a sign that your current system isn’t modern enough for your needs.

After a Storm

A lot of people are surprised by this one, but storms can cause more damage than we see with our eyes.

If a lightning strike has caused something electrical inside your home to go up in smoke, then of course you would have it checked out as soon as possible. But many people don’t consider the damage that they can’t see caused by storm-related power surges.

So again, if your fuses have tripped, or anything a little suspicious has happened to any of your appliances, get it checked out. It could be that a power surge has damaged some wiring inside of the walls of your property. A simple test will let you know if your wiring is still safe, and then peace of mind can be restored.

Regular Maintenance and Big Appliance Upgrades

We’re not talking about little things like a new alarm clock or a more powerful hairdryer. And that big plasma screen TV you’ve been coveting shouldn’t cause you any bother either.

By “big appliances”, we mean things with large motorized parts. Washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers and air conditioning units are the things that use the most power in your home. These are also the appliances that will trip your fuses if your wiring can’t cope.

A sensible thing to include in your general home maintenance is having your electrical system checked when you invest in a new appliance.

If you are planning to move, upgrading an appliance , or feel it’s time to show your older home some love and attention, please contact us. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free estimate.