Older Circuit Breaker Panels Could Be Unsafe

circuit-breaker-panelGet an Electrical Inspection to Be Safe

If you have just bought an older home or rental property to renovate, flip or to call home, you might be looking at outdated knob and tube wiring or fuses instead of a circuit breaker panel.

No matter how modern the property’s electrical system might be, an electrical inspection is a good idea to make sure that it’s safe. Just because a building’s electrical system relies on fuses to prevent circuits from overloading and overheating doesn’t mean it is inherently dangerous, or that you have to upgrade to a circuit breaker panel. An inspection will tell you whether the fuse box system is up to code and can handle all of the electrical circuits in the building — particularly if you are renovating.

On the flip side, just because you see a more up-to-date electrical panel doesn’t automatically mean that the system is code compliant and safe. Circuit breaker boxes made by the former Federal Pacific Electric company, which was in business between 1950 and 1980, have been blamed in a number of residential fires over the years. Look for the FPE name, and specifically for the name “Stab-lok” on the individual breakers, on your electrical panel. If you have an FPE panel, schedule a service call with us right away.

Other electrical systems with past safety issues that should be inspected are some Zinsco, GTE Sylvania, or Sylvania breaker boxes. Again, the only way to be sure that your electrical system can safely supply all of the service you need for modern appliances in your home or rental property is to have an inspection performed by a professional electrician.