Placement of Electrical Outlets and Switches

GFCI InstallationRemember Outlets When You Remodel

You might be considering repainting interior rooms or completing some other small remodeling projects over the winter months. If your remodeling involves installing drywall or repairing your walls,  now is the time to consider the electrical outlets and switches in the room. Do you need additional outlets to plug in electronic devices or other appliances? Or maybe you have a light switch located outside of a room that no one can ever find in the dark.

Building Code Requirements

It’s not recommended that homeowners, even those with lots of DIY experience, attempt to add or move wiring and electrical outlets.  There is too great a risk of electrocution, faulty wiring and overloaded circuits.  Licensed electricians are also familiar with the local building codes that establish the number and placement of residential outlets and switches. Generally, codes require an outlet on every wall at a certain height, and an outlet every few feet along longer walls.

Safety and Convenience

A licensed electrician will be able to tell you if your current layout of electrical outlets and light switches are up to code. If you are remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, in particular, code requirements for GFCI outlets exist to prevent electrical shock in areas where outlets might get wet.  As part of your interior renovation, no matter the room, remember to keep safety, lighting, and convenience in mind before you or a contractor completes the work. You don’t want to have to go back and cut into the walls after the room has been painted and put together.

Consider How You Power Up

If you have a media room in your home, or an area where the whole family likes to charge their devices, it might be worth adding an outlet or two if you are currently relying on power strips to get more electrical sockets. It’s also worth considering the placement of light switches if family members are getting older or have lost mobility and would have trouble reaching a switch while seated in a wheelchair.

You use your home’s electricity, without even thinking about it, throughout the day and night. So don’t make your safe access to power an afterthought in a home remodel or renovation.  Contact us today for information and a free estimate.